Why Do You Advertise?

There are different types of advertisement and they are used everyday. The following types are print advertising, broadcast advertising, outdoor advertising, covert advertising, surrogate advertising, public service advertising, and celebrity advertising. To show the distinction on the types of advertising, below are their functions and their usage.

  1. Print advertisings are commonly printed materials like brochures, magazines, newspapers and fliers. They all have a common goal that is to let the readers know about their products or services.
  2. Broadcast advertisings are aired advertisements through different types of broadcasting media’s like television, radio, and internet.
  3. Outdoor advertisings are usually seen on billboards, kiosks, trade shows and events.
  4. Covert advertisings are commonly incorporated in movies, programs, and TV shows without them being mentioned but largely showcasing the brand.
  5. Surrogate advertisings are commonly used to showcase a different product which is related to a banned products.
  6. Celebrity advertisings are advertisements that uses celebrity as the endorser of a certain product.

Advertisement plays a major role in a business. This is the booster or the energizer of all companies and products. Reasons for advertising varies but most of them are common in one thing and that is to let the people know about them. So what are the different reasons why companies and individuals do advertisements? Here are some of the reasons.

  1. To introduce. Many new products, websites, and companies are now rapidly popping up into the market and in order to stand out from their niches they do advertising.
  2. To sell. This is the most common reason in all companies and products, to sell. Companies and products are being advertise to the public using the most common advertising type, the print and broadcasting. Letting the public about their services or products.
  3. To help. This type of reason is more of a public service.
  4. To give information. Informations like a certain component of vegetables or fruits is one good way to fight a certain diseases.
  5. To warn. Police departments and establishments advertise faces of people whom broken the law or committed wrong acts to the public.

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