How to Sell Any Product Through Advertising

Basically, good advertising is all about convincing people to buy your product. It may happen (and actually does happen) that the nearest competitor’s product is inferior but still, they manage to register hefty profits, sometimes even eating into the share of their competitor! The main weapon that they are using is of advertising; by proper channels of advertisement, they are able to get their way through the ‘selling’ maze.

How to Sell?

• Identification: The first and the foremost area to be recognized before advertising should begin is- identification. It is the identification of your target audience and product knowledge that should give you a proper insight into your advertisement plans. Planning is an important part of marketing as well as advertising. Identification is a result of market study and analysis. Hence design your advertisement.

• Internet: A joke does the rounds on the internet that if you’re on the internet and want to sell something, you need not even be a good advertiser; Google will do everything for you! But as a wise advertiser, you should realize that there is a difference between the ‘standard’ advertiser and the one who likes to think out of the box! Google will help you no doubt, but then there are other sites too, where advertisement will help you reap rich dividends. For example, advertising on Facebook!

• Product: A good advertiser must know his product well, before selling it to people. He must be ready to confront all types of queries regarding the same. That will help you gain an upper hand on other laymen advertisers when designing the advertisement for the product!

• Promotion: Promotion is advertisement in a way but you can’t call it entirely advertising. Promotion is to create a situation where the market becomes like a vacuum and is ready to pull the product towards it. Rather than pushing the product to the consumers, a good way of making sure that it actually sells is by creating a demand (a pull) in the market.

• PR: ‘Public relations’ is one important area which you cannot overlook. You have to make sure that you connect to your consumers and make them ‘feel special’. Gone are the monopolist markets where you could just throw any product at them and they had no other choice than to lap it up.

• Brand Establishment: Brand establishment will help you spend less on advertisement. Brand creates a situation where even without advertising; the consumer will buy the product of that particular brand only. That is a result of effective advertising and quality service!

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